5 Must-Eat in Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor -Nilgiris

The district’s largely underrated food scene encompasses a slew of local community-owned food joints, many of which have been around for decades. Dining options cater to just about every budget and include quick boardwalk eats, fine dining, and just about everything in between. To help you make the most of your next trip, here’s our list of five must-try food and drink experiences in Nilgiris.

The Tandoor Hut-Kotagiri

Small, tucked away in a corner opens only after 4 pm and Shuts early. It Is normally sold-out by 8:30 pm.

Must Try

  • double rolls (Chicken/egg)
  • chicken tikka achaari
  • chicken tikka hariyali
  • mutton seekh
  • chicken tikka reshmi

It’s hard to find a tandoor restaurant anywhere without the red food colouring. Tandoor Hut has none of it. And it tastes fantastic. It’s a takeaway place with no seating. Eat on site while standing. For a rainy day, eat in your four-wheeler.

Place to Bee-Ooty

Place to Bee Located in Club Road, Ooty serves delicious Italian Food. A trip to Ooty isn’t complete without tasting the world-famous Pizza. It is a niche place located in a quaint lane in Ooty, close to the boathouse. It has got really amazing food and good ambience. Downstairs is a shop where u can find all Honey based products, hence the Name-Place to Bee.You can enjoy a variety Soups, Appetizers and Desserts here.

Hyderabad Biryani House-Ooty

Walsh am Road | Commercial Road Junction, Ooty 643001, India

Hyderabad Biriyani House located in Commercial road junction is a hidden “secret,” as hundreds of visitors flock here every summer to soak in the relaxing Nilgiri vibes. It’s an ideal place to soak in the city’s culture and eat like a local. If you are a Biriyani lover you can definitely visit this place.


2A Kotagiri Road, (Inside Camelot), Bandisholai, Coonoor

A lovely little place… Right from its cosy dining, tastefully done Interiors, till the interesting juices, mezze platter, yummy pesto pizza, lemon tart and wonderful ice creams. The warmth and hospitality of the servers and the chef definitely puts this place on the Must Visit lists.

The Culinarium-Coonoor

The place is right on the highway between Ooty and Coonoor. The Restaurant has ample parking space and great ambience. There are plenty of pastry and interesting baked options, though limited veg ones. Pasta, Pot cooked pie, Ice creams, chicken mushroom pie, meat lasagne, Hungarian goulash are few of their specialities. It is a superb experience for foodies. Their potpie is definitely worth trying. Every dishes ordered are well done and well presented.